Florida is listed as the third most complex probate state in the U.S.— preceded by California and New York—  making the need for an experienced probate lawyer more important than 94% of the country.

Other factors— that many people fail to acknowledge— also factor in to the need for a skilled probate lawyer in Florida.  Of the 19, 552,860 residents (the fourth most populous state in the U.S.), 19% are over 65 years old. That means there are nearly 4 Million residents in Florida who are considered to be senior citizens.

In the Fort Lauderdale area alone, there are approximately 25,000 seniors; more than half of which have passed the median life expectancy of 75 years.  With age, comes wisdom, and the people in this age category know that having a good probate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale is as necessary as health care. Of course there are many people who neglect legal matters before they die and that’s when the decedent’s assets become the sudden responsibility of family or friends. In that case, the probate process can seem overwhelming, especially when in mourning.

There are many factors that determine whether a probate lawyer is qualified to navigate complicated probate laws, while also attending to the individual needs of the clients and their families. The short list of things to consider is: the years of experience with probate law (in the Fort Lauderdale area, specifically), legal and personal reputations, public reviews and ratings, education and specialties, professional and personal public service records, etc.

There are personal qualities to look for in probate lawyers, who are trusted with a lifetime of assets too.  Like great leaders, your probate lawyer should be focused and transparent, while also possessing integrity, patience and insightfulness.

The best probate lawyers know that clients are faced with the some of the most difficult legal decisions they’ll ever have to make. Wills, trusts and estate administration are probate services that reflect individual accomplishment. There are many lawyers in the Fort Lauderdale area, but not all of them are experts in probate law, and even fewer who have decades of experience.

Many probate lawyers in Fort Lauderdale have a preferred way of working, but the best ones adapt to individual needs and encourage potential clients to ask questions before hiring them. Probate lawyers who answer questions such as: How many probate cases have you handled, how do you charge for your work, what type of documents will you need to get started, do you help with the distribution of assets, how long will the probate process take, how do you handle estate tax returns— instill a sense of trust and competency.

A lot of attorneys, including probate lawyers in the Fort Lauderdale area, also tend to speak in legal jargon, using terms clients have no way of understanding. It isn’t necessary. While probate laws can be complicated it is the responsibility of the probate lawyer to make sure their clients have a clear understanding of the entire process.