Probate Lawyer in Broward County – Death is an uncomfortable topic and without a probate attorney, the process of probate leaves a chill in the room after a loved one has passed on. Closing the final legal and logistical chapter of someone’s life is a task left to the living; ensuring they know exactly what their relative wanted after their passing may ease the tension of fulfilling this task.


An experienced probate attorney in Broward County may take a significant amount of pressure off of the surviving family members assigned to carry out the last wishes of a relative.

Probate Lawyer in Broward County

Conflict seems inevitable when emotions are already strained by grief; families are rarely in a position to act rationally around the potentially sentimental objects and procedures involved with the probate process.

Hiring a probate attorney will go a long way to reducing the debates and upsets within one’s family after passing away. With years of experience informing compassionate, but, decisive action in the closing and distribution of the estate, families may have fewer arguments regarding to what they are entitled when a probate lawyer helps a client make his or her wishes clear and legitimate prior to passing on.


5 Good Reasons to Hire a Probate Lawyer/Attorney in Broward County, Florida.

Reducing the emotional and administrative duties on the family is likely the leading reason most people choose to hire a probate lawyer. There is a minimum of five other significant issues regarding the probate process which may make it advisable to seek specialized legal counsel prior to time of death.


#1: Hiring a probate attorney in Broward County, Florida will ensure one’s last will and testament is clear and valid.

Without a valid will, a family is weighted with choices regarding distribution of the estate which they may not feel qualified or content enough to make. During a time of mourning, it is a lot to ask of a person to make decisions which may cause rifts within the family. Making certain one’s will is in proper order to be accepted by the court will reduce the availability of legal conflict. Stating exactly how one wishes to carry out the conclusion of a legal presence in this life is best drafted and verified by a licensed probate lawyer.


#2: Protecting one’s estate against legal claims is best accomplished by hiring a probate attorney in Broward County, Florida.

It’s unfortunate to hear there are companies who will scavenge for payments following the passing of a loved one. Creditors may attempt to contest the will and the process of defending what was left by a departed relative could be confusing. Ensure not only the security of following the wishes outlined in the will, but, also pay no more than is legally required from the estate with the assistance of a probate and estates lawyer. Particularly for the executors, debt settlement is a process which may cause avoidable delays. An experienced estate and probate attorney will know the proper timeline for debt settlement and will assist with avoiding and, in some cases, is capable of expediting the probate process.


#3: A probate attorney in Broward County will help ensure an executor is protected from potential consequences of errors made during the probate process.

Executors who understand they are taking on a critical role in the closing of a relative’s or friend’s affairs may not realize their personal interests are at risk if an error is made during the probate process. Unfortunately, mistakes made in this difficult process have often led to legal action on the part of other family members. While there is never a guarantee an upset relative will not attempt to sue, having a probate lawyer will limit the risks of the suit threatening personal wealth.


#4: Court filings and more technical procedures can be delegated to a probate attorney in Broward County, Florida.

The state of Florida has the third most complex probate codes and procedures in the country. A skilled lawyer may have experience with numerous fields of law; however, a specialized probate attorney will have a reliable understanding of the complexity of the legal probate process. To avoid costly and/or time-consuming mistakes in a complicated probate system, hiring a probate attorney offers executors peace of mind in a time of crisis.


#5: Hiring a probate lawyer in Broward County, Florida offers the surviving family a delegated counselor for their questions about the process.

Inevitably, questions arise whether one is the executor or a relative of a deceased loved one. Having an impartial, compassionate professional available to pose questions during this difficult time may alleviate the strain of emotions. An experienced wills, trusts, estate, and probate attorney is able to explain what to expect and verify one’s understanding of the probate process.


Florida native Roger Brown is a probate attorney in Broward County with 40 years of experience in probate and real estate law.

Roger Brown is a long-time community member and supporter of Broward County and Fort Lauderdale. He attended the University of Florida, served in the U.S. Army, and personally invested in his local Floridian community. He holds the highest “AV” rating from Martindale-Hubbell and is a member of the Probate Law, Real Estate Law, and Construction Law committees of the Broward County Bar Association.
Hiring a probate lawyer prior to death may be one of the best ways to provide for your family after your passing. Speak to an experienced and highly qualified probate lawyer to assist your family during a time of mourning.Visit Roger Brown of Carpenter & Brown online or call 954-771-1850 to set up a consultation.