Dealing with a death in the family is difficult enough and the legalities that come afterward should not cause more unnecessary pain. Finding an experienced probate lawyer is essential when dealing with the complex issues and legalities involved in wills, trusts, and estate administration that could arise after the death of a loved one.


Probate laws differ by state; and probate law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the third most complex state in the United States. There are approximately 25,000 senior citizens in the city of Fort Lauderdale, and more than half are approaching seventy-five years in age. Whether you are seeking a probate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale in preparation or you are dealing with the aftermath of the loss of a loved one, finding a trustworthy and experienced probate lawyer is vital.


When choosing a probate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida you should consider the following:


  • How many years of Florida probate law does this individual have?
  • What is their legal and personal reputation?
  • What kind of experience did their past clients have?
  • What is their education background?


Remember, each state has different probate laws, be sure your lawyer is well versed in Fort Lauderdale probate laws. Do they have any specialties? Have they worked in public services in the past? Remember, not all lawyers can practice probate law, which is why finding an experienced local probate lawyer is so important.


When looking for a probate lawyer in Fort Lauderdale you want to find a lawyer who can and will adapt to the needs of each individual client.


You’ll also want to look for a lawyer that encourages said possible client to ask any and all questions before taking on your case. Questions you might want to keep in mind are:


  • How much/ how does this lawyer charge?
  • What kind of documents will I need?
  • How many probate cases has this lawyer handled?
  • What is their success rate?
  • Does this lawyer assist with the distribution of assets?
  • How long does the probate process take?
  • How do you go about handling estate tax returns?


Asking any and every question you may have is important for both you and your potential lawyer, there needs to be a strong sense of trust and dependability between you and your lawyer.


Your Fort Lauderdale probate lawyer should be able to communicate with you in layman’s terms in order to keep you informed and allow the process to be as simple as possible for you and your family in an already difficult time. In some states a family or individual may be able to go about the probate process without a lawyer; however, since Florida has some of the most complicated probate laws, a higher population of elderly persons, and with all the other possible complications that could arise (ex: a family member contesting the will, estate taxes, trust) working with a lawyer you completely trust is going to make your experience far less stressful in the end.


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